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Hospitals in the IHC HEN Prevent Harm to more than 4,300 Patients and Save $51 Million in 2013

The 127 hospitals participating in the Iowa-based Hospital Engagement Network (HEN) prevented potential harm to more than 4,300 patients in 2013 and reduced health care costs by more than $51 million, according to data released today by the Iowa Healthcare Collaborative (IHC), which administers the network.

Among other improvements, participating hospitals reduced early elective baby deliveries (which can increase complications) by 90 percent; catheter associated urinary tract infections by 44 percent; adverse drug events by 28 percent; central line-associated blood stream infections in intensive care by 24 percent; surgical site infections by 24 percent; patient falls by 23 percent; and avoidable readmissions by 11 percent.

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Choosing Wisely Campaign Promotes Crucial Conversations between Physicians and Patients

IHC is one of 21 grantees for the ABIM Foundation to extend the Choosing Wisely campaign. The Choosing Wisely campaign promotes the crucial conversations between physicians and patients about overuse of medical tests and procedures.  National organizations representing medical specialties identified tests or procedures commonly used in their field where the necessity should be questioned. 

Locally, IHC will drive awareness of and resources for implementing Choosing Wisely in Iowa communities, feature educational content through recorded webcasts and existing  conferences, and develop a list of recommendations common in our state. 

Click here for the ABIM Foundation’s Choosing Wisely press release.

To learn more about the initiative and for the lists of tests and procedures from specialty societies, check out www.choosingwisey.org.

PfP/HEN Reporting Database

This is the official reporting database for the hospitals participating in the IHC Hospital Engagement Network (HEN).  Hospitals will report process and outcome metrics monthly through the database.  As it has been stated before, the hospitals in the IHC HEN will track their measures for in house ONLY to drive process improvement. This information will not be used for comparable public reporting. Each hospital has identified a point of contact for completing the reporting of the HEN. If you would like to know who your hospital contact is, please contact us and we can provide you with that information.