The Iowa Healthcare Collaborative (IHC) is a provider-led and patient-focused nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting a culture of continuous improvement in healthcare. IHC's mission is exceptional healthcare in Iowa. IHC plays a unique role in putting healthcare providers (doctors, nurses and hospital executives) in a leadership position to drive clinical improvements and accelerate change.

Proactively created in 2004 through a partnership between the Iowa Hospital Association (IHA) and the Iowa Medical Society (IMS), IHC uses a "multi-stakeholder" approach to bring together and engage physicians, hospitals, insurers, employers, consumers and other community partners to share data and rapidly deploy best practices. Through IHC's efforts, healthcare providers gain access to nationally agreed upon, evidence-based measures that improve the delivery of care. Insurers get information to facilitate performance improvements and employers are better equipped to educate employees about wellness and prevention resulting in healthier communities.