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Advisory Council

Advisory Council

The IHC Advisory Council (AC) serves to promote and enhance the work of the Iowa Healthcare Collaborative and its mission by engaging key individuals in the provider community across the spectrum of care.  Representatives include hospitals, physicians, nurses, pharmacy, long-term care and performance improvement.  To promote collaboration and reduce barriers to implementation, the AC functions in an advisory capacity to both the Board of Directors and the Iowa Healthcare Collaborative as a whole.

2018 Advisory Council Members

Frank Accurso
Candyce Ackland, MD
Brett Altman
Steve Baumert
Karen Buman
Mary Jane Carothers
Jim Cushing
Liz Davidson
Dale Dreiling, MD
Laurie Drill-Mellum, MD
Michael Edmond, MD
Dale Emerson
Tom Evans, MD
Richard Fairley, MD
Shawna Forst
Kate Gainer
Robb Gardner
Monica Gordon
Timothy Gutshall, MD
Randall Hanson, MD
Jennifer Havens
Timothy Horrigan, MD
Michele Kelly
Karen Kiel Rosser
Michael Kitchell, MD
Carmen Kleinsmith
Eric Kohlsdorf
Connie Lange
William Langley, MD
Michael Lee, MD
James Lehman, MD
Kelly Ann Light-McGroary, MD
Perry Meyer
Tiffani Miless, MD
Tom Mouser, MD
Donald Nelson, MD
Tom Newton
Chris Nichols
Meg Nugent
Jennifer Nutt
Roy Park
Kim Powers
Patricia Quinlisk, MD
Timothy Quinn, MD
Stephen Richards, DO
Joe Sample
Kala Shipley
Curtis Smith
Kay Takes
Joyce Taylor
Douglas Van Daele, MD
Linda Wendt
Angela Westphal
Jay Wilsher
Laura Zwiefel

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