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Compass HIIN YouTube (Link), Compass PTN YouTube (Link) and SIM YouTube (Link)
Webinar recordings, resources, podcasts and other informational videos are always being added to IHC's YouTube channels. 

Healthcare Communities (Link)
Healthcare Communities is a collection of nearly 70 virtual communities allowing individuals in different healthcare-related organizations to work together on shared interests and goals, regardless of location.

SIMplify (Link)
We are a community of doers. We are the ones that are out dealing with patients and making lives better for those in need. SIMplify is a system to make interacting with others of the same cloth, well, simpler. From sharing documents to sharing stories to organizing meetings, this system is intended to handle the communication needs of the group. We are focused on respect, consideration for other’s ideas, collaboration and fairness. 

HIINnovation (Link)
HIINnovation is an online learning community for patient-focused healthcare professionals dedicated to promoting a culture of continuous improvement in healthcare in Iowa. We collaborate in putting healthcare providers (doctors, nurses and hospital executives) in a leadership position to drive clinical improvements and accelerate change. HIINnovation is open to everyone in the Iowa Healthcare Collaborative Compass Hospital Improvement Innovation Network (HIIN) to share information, ask questions, find resources and meet like-minded doers. Individuals and groups drive the activity here, and curated highlights from private communities on the are also shared here.


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