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There are few aspects of your life as important as your healthcare. You deserve to be an active participant in it.

Nurse with child and father.

The Iowa Healthcare Collaborative is committed to raising the standard of care across the board.

The information provided is for patients and providers alike, since everyone is a part of the healthcare team.

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Health insurance can be confusing to navigate

Health insurance is a critical part of maintaining your health. There are a myriad of options, including private and public payers, and this can be confusing. Fortunately, there are tools to help figure it out.

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Statewide Strategies

Find out what the gameplan is for care in the state of Iowa in these different areas.

What is healthcare transformation, anyway?

How is it changing?

Where healthcare was

Prior to reform, providers were paid on how many patients they saw, not how well they cared for them.

Where healthcare is going to be

While in the midst of transformation, we are all working to find the best way to prevent disease and reimburse providers on the quality of their work.

Why does it matter?

The benefits patients will see from reform

  • Increased quality of care
  • Increased safety in healthcare
  • Improvement in value
  • More person-centered care
  • Lowered costs, less spending

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What can I do?

Know your coverage

Be fully aware of what you qualify for and how to use it.

Know your healthcare team

Don't be a stranger to the resources at your disposal.

Be a champion for your health

The most important part of YOUR health is YOU.

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Disclaimer: It is not the intention of the IHC or any of the organizations listed on this web page to provide specific medical advice.  Rather, the resources and tools listed here can be used by consumers, patients, and families to make more informed decisions about their health and healthcare. The IHC does not provide specific medical advice and the IHC urges you to talk with your healthcare providers when discussing personal questions, issues, and information from the resources provided on this web site. Read the full disclaimer.

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