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Healthcare Quality and Safety Award

The Iowa Healthcare Collaborative (IHC) Healthcare Quality and Safety Award recognizes outstanding leadership and achievement in quality and safety demonstrated by healthcare providers and organizations. While the 2018 award has already been given, nominations for 2018 will begin this fall. 

This award honors champions who support initiatives that improve patient safety, promote population health, reduce the risk of harm and encourage person centered health.


All healthcare providers (individuals, community organizations, healthcare teams, physician practices, etc.) who care for Iowa residents may submit a nomination for the IHC Healthcare Quality and Safety Award.


Nominations will be accepted for individuals and/or organizations that demonstrate achievement in quality and safety in the following categories:

  • Achievement in reducing healthcare-associated infections
  • Achievement in improving care transitions (e.g. readmissions, community care coordination)
  • Achievement in reducing preventable conditions (e.g. hospital-acquired, medication safety, risk reduction, etc.)
  • Achievement in improving health outcomes (e.g. patient safety across the board, chronic disease care)
  • Achievement in improving person and family engagement

Nomination Requirements

Nominations must adhere to the format and length limitations to be considered for the award. Submissions may include up to two pages of written narrative, as well as pertinent supplementary materials to support the nomination. No more than six pages of material, in addition to the nomination form and narrative, will be considered. Application and supplementary materials that are mailed in will not be returned.

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