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Getting Safe Care (Link) 

This website provides information on how to get quality healthcare with a focus on getting care in hospitals and your doctor’s office and how you can help to prevent errors during your care.

Questions Are the Answer - The 10 Questions You Should Use When Getting Healthcare (Link) 
This AHRQ website presents information designed to strengthen your ability to understand, plan, and take an active role in your own healthcare. This involves patients being able to effectively communicate with healthcare providers (doctors, nurses, and others).

Iowa Report
The Iowa Report website provides information about quality, safety, value, and patient experiences for all Iowa hospitals (non-federal, community-based acute care hospitals).

Iowa Hospital Facts (Link) 
This website provides consumers additional information about Iowa's healthcare system to help them make an informed decision about their care.

Iowa Hospital Charges Compare (Link) 
This website allows healthcare consumers to access basic information about how much hospitals “charge” for healthcare services. This information should be considered a starting point for comparing costs of care between Iowa hospitals. Patients should contact individual hospitals to get further details about the possible cost of their care. Patients should also talk with their insurance provider to understand which costs will be covered, and which costs will be the patient's responsibility.

Compare Doctors, Hospitals, & Other Providers (Link)
This website provides quality and safety information for hospitals, nursing homes, home health services, dialysis facilities, healthcare providers, and health plans. 

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