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Flu Immunizations – Hospitals

Healthcare organization leaders and staff need to intensify efforts to improve influenza immunization rates among Healthcare Personnel. Increasing influenza vaccination rates would reduce the burden of disease and the associated healthcare costs. This toolkit has been developed to provide resources that will assist Iowa hospitals with immunization campaigns.

The Joint Commission Monograph

Full Monograph (PDF)
This monograph provides an overview of evidence-based guidelines, published research studies, legislative and regulatory efforts, and accreditation considerations related to improving seasonal influenza vaccination rates in healthcare personnel. It highlights practical strategies and tools submitted from healthcare organizations through the Strategies for Implementing Successful Influenza Immunization Programs for Healthcare Personnel Project, collaboration with leading infection prevention and control professional organizations, including the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC).

Chapter 1: Vaccine Administration Considerations (PDF)
This chapter examines vaccine effectiveness and factors that contribute to it, including vaccine availability, type, and supply; the timing of vaccination; and anticipation and management of shortages of vaccine, particularly when planning for the immunization of HCP. It also offers recommendations for the identification of HCP and patients most at risk for transmission of influenza.
Chapter 2: Issues Surrounding the Immunization of Healthcare Personnel Against Influenza (PDF)
This chapter summarizes the multiple demographic characteristics and individual factors associated with HCP decisions to accept or decline influenza vaccination. It also explores the impact of institutional outbreaks of influenza, as well as issues and recommendations surrounding both voluntary and mandatory vaccination.
Chapter 3: Improving Vaccination Rates (PDF)
This chapter looks at the elements of a successful influenza vaccination campaign-that is, one that results in increased rates of immunized HCP each year. This chapter also examines strategies to raise the rates of HCP influenza vaccination, including linking vaccinations to a required activity and making vaccinations mandatory.
Chapter 4: Guidelines, Legislative/Regulatory Efforts, Position Papers, and Accreditation Considerations (PDF)
This chapter provides an overview of many of the existing guidelines, legislative and regulatory efforts, position papers, and accreditation efforts related to immunizing healthcare personnel (HCP) against influenza. Organizations can use these resources as they implement or seek to improve their influenza immunization programs.
Healthcare Personnel Immunization Toolkit (PDF)
Providers and healthcare facilities can use this APIC toolkit to access information on vaccine storage, handling, selection and administration. This toolkit also provides guidelines for evaluating current vaccination programs.

Policies, Procedures and Protocols

2009 Seasonal Influenza Prevention Program Guidelines (PDF)
In 2009 Genesis Health System instituted a mandatory immunization program called the Seasonal Influenza Prevention Program. This one-page document provides detailed guidelines for the influenza prevention program.

2009 Employee Letter (PDF)
Genesis Health System created this letter to notify employees of the Seasonal Influenza Prevention Program and explain the mandatory policy.
2010 Influenza Immunization Memo (Exception Policy) (PDF)
In 2010 Pella Regional Health Center instituted a mandatory immunization policy. This document describes the policy and exemptions to the policy.

Masking Requirements (PDF)
Pella Regional Health Center created this masking document to explain the guidelines for staff members who did not receive an influenza vaccination.

Provider Educational Materials

Honor Roll for Patient Safety
This website contains multiple position statements about mandatory influenza vaccinations for healthcare personnel.  The statements are from associations including: American Academy of Family Physicians, American Hospital Association and the National Patient Safety Foundation.

Information for Healthcare Professional: Vaccinating Healthcare Workers
Providers and healthcare facilities can access current best practice resources, toolkits, printable materials, and other tools on this National Adult and Influenza Immunization Summit website.

Prevention and Control of Influenza with Vaccine
Providers and healthcare facilities can use this website to access current influenza prevention information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Printable Resources

Immunization Action Coalition Declination Form (PDF)
This form may be used to document healthcare worker vaccination refusal for reasons other than a medical contraindication.
Additional “Handouts for Patients and Staff” from the immunization coalition.
Consent/Declination Form (Word Doc)
This is an example of a statewide consent/declination form.  This form was created based upon a variety of hospital organizations that shared their consent/declination forms. Organizations are urged to adopt this form as a standardized measuring tool for healthcare worker influenza immunization rates.

Healthcare Provider Poster
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offer a variety of free flu materials from the "Flu Gallery" found on this website.

Influenza Immunization Form (PDF)
This is an example of the Pella Regional Health Center exemption request form.


IHC has created a series of newsletters as a communication resource to aid hospitals during their flu vaccination campaign. If you have access to the Publisher application on your computer you will be able to customize the newsletter with your logo. Otherwise, you can use the PDF version.

For Healthcare Workers:

  1. Improving Patient Safety (PDF)

  2. Improving Patient Safety (Publisher)

  3. Meeting the Goal (PDF)

  4. Meeting the Goal (Publisher)

For Healthcare Managers:

  1. Consider a Mandatory Vaccination Policy (PDF)

  2. Consider a Mandatory Vaccination Policy (Publisher)

  3. Improving Vaccination Rates Among Healthcare Personnel (PDF)

  4. Improving Vaccination Rates Among Healthcare Personnel (Publisher)

For Everyone:

  1. Common Misperceptions of Influenza (PDF)

  2. Common Misperceptions of Influenza (Publisher)


Created: November 11, 2009
Updated: May 3, 2013

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