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Services Available to Network Hospitals

  • An Improvement Advisor will be assigned to each hospital in order to facilitate work plan development and execution.
  • Receive access to virtual and on-site Learning Communities to share and spread best practices throughout the year.
  • Topically-focused webinars, conference calls, and toolkits with up-to-date content from CMS and Compass HIIN.
  • A Web-based quality/safety measurement reporting system called the PfP HIIN Reporting Database which provides real-time information to lead process improvement efforts.
  • Reduced reporting burden of submitting healthcare metrics and realignment of measurements with innovative national best practices.
  • Leadership resources to further develop value-driven leadership engagement and sustainability.
  • Topical Web-based learning network that allows hospitals to collaborate and raise standards of healthcare.
  • Lean educational trainings and coaching.
  • Virtual and on-site technical assistance provided by IHC, Improvement Advisors (IAs), and other faculty to enhance internal process improvement where needed.
  • Physician, patient, and family engagement strategies.


Compass HIIN Charter information (PDF)

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