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About the Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative

On September 29, 2015, Iowa Healthcare Collaborative (IHC) was one of 39 organizations selected by the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation to participate in the Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative (TCPI), a national initiative designed to help clinicians achieve large-scale health transformation in primary and specialty care practice settings.

The TCPI model will assist clinicians in improving the way they deliver care by providing technical assistance support for integrating quality and process improvement, and by building on and spreading existing change methodologies, practice transformation tools, published literature, and technical assistance programs. Clinicians that will be supported by TCPI include primary and specialty physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, clinical pharmacists, and their practices.

The TCPI has awarded organizations who will establish Support and Alignment Networks (clinician education and workforce development) or Practice Transformation Networks (peer-based learning and clinical quality improvement).

Iowa Healthcare Collaborative was awarded as a Practice Transformation Network (PTN). PTNs are peer-based learning networks designed to coach, mentor, and assist clinicians in developing core competencies specific to the TCPI Five Phases of Practice Transformation:

  1. Set Aims

  2. Use Data to Drive Care

  3. Achieve Progress on Aims

  4. Achieve Benchmark Status

  5. Thrive as a Business via Pay for Value Approaches

Infographic of the five phases in order demonstrating the flow from set aims to thrive a businesses via pay for value approaches

This approach allows clinician practices to become actively engaged in the transformation and ensures collaboration among a broad community of practices that creates, promotes, and sustains learning and improvement across the health care system.

TCPI Aims:

  1. Support more than 140,000 clinicians

  2. Improve health outcomes for millions of patients

  3. Reduce unnecessary hospitalization for 5 million patients

  4. Generate $1 to $4 billion in savings

  5. Sustain efficient care by reducing unnecessary tests and procedures

  6. Transition 75% of practices completing the program to participate in Alternative Payment Models (APMs)

  7. Build evidence based on transformation

About Compass Practice Transformation Network

The Compass Practice Transformation Network (Compass PTN) supports more than 7,000 clinicians across six states – Georgia, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma and South Dakota – who are committed to expanding quality improvement capacity in their primary and specialty care practices, share clinical best practices and achieve common goals of improved care, better health and reduced cost.

Established by the Iowa Healthcare Collaborative and five other state-based partners, the Compass PTN will have collective responsibility for bringing together eligible primary and specialty care clinicians in support of achieving the TCPI Goals and Aims.

The Compass PTN is led by a unique and diverse group of non-profit and provider health care organizations, including:

Compass PTN Partner states map

Click on the state name to view clinics in that state (PDF).  

  • Georgia – Georgia Hospital Association Research and Education Foundation

  • Iowa – Iowa Healthcare Collaborative

  • Kansas – Kansas Healthcare Collaborative

  • Nebraska – Nebraska Iowa Healthcare Collaborative 

  • North Dakota – Sanford Health and HealthPOINT at Dakota State University

  • Oklahoma – OU Physicians and Telligen

  • South Dakota – Sanford Health and HealthPOINT at Dakota State University

  • Wisconsin  Wisconsin Collaborative for Healthcare Quality 

​States with clinics, but no Compass PTN Partner, are listed here (PDF)


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