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Medication management is a collaborative process that includes working with patients to reconcile medications, creating an accurate list of current medications being taken, and exploring how medications are being managed in the community environment.  Patients, especially those with multiple chronic conditions, are often taking numerous medications which can be complex and difficult for patients to appropriately manage.

When clinics use systematically support patients and families (through education, counseling, etc.) in managing their medications, including understanding what the medications are for, how to take them, and keeping their medications lists up-to-date, patients are able to better take their medications as intended – leading to better treatment experiences, fewer adverse events, and improved outcomes.

The intent of this metric is to ensure all patients and/or their families and caregivers are being supported to safely manage their medications.  


Does the clinical team work with the patient and family to support their patient/caregiver management of medications?

You’ll meet this metric if:

Your practice has a systematic, standard method in place to evaluate and support patients and their caregivers in medication self-management.


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