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The value and role of patients and families extends beyond the point of direct care. Patients, families and caregivers are some of the best sources of information when we are looking at ways that we can better design our healthcare system and practices to truly provide person-centered and value-based care. Practice transformation can be accelerated when we invite patients, families, and caregivers to serve as advisors and partners, sharing their experiences, perspectives, and participating in improvement efforts.

Incorporation of patient and family voices as part of governance and operational decision-making, in a variety of ways and at a variety of levels, moves person and family engagement practices from individual episodes of interaction to standardized processes of care, expectations for how we (both patients and providers) are to practice and experience healthcare.

The intent of this metric is to include the perspective and voice of the patient and family in all aspects of governance of the practice.


Are there policies, procedures and actions taken to support patient and family participation in governance or operational decision-making of the practice (Patient and Family Advisory Councils (PFAC), Practice Improvement Teams, Board Representatives, etc.)?

You’ll meet this metric if:

Your practice has a process in place for including the perspective and voice of the patient and family (Patient Family Advisor) in all aspects of the governance of the practice.


Person and Family Advisory Councils

Practice Improvement Teams

Board Representatives

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