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Spectrum of Health

The Spectrum of Health population health database is now available to all practices enrolled in the Compass Practice Transformation Network at no cost!

The Spectrum of Health is a population health database that utilizes claims data to assist practices with the identification of high risk populations. With this information practices can develop strategies to successfully target and manage these populations thus improving the health of individuals, and reducing hospitalizations and the overall cost of care.

The Spectrum of Health can be accessed through the Compass PTN portal. Through data analytics, claims data will be displayed on a dashboard giving a high level overview that outlines chronic conditions by cost and population. The user will then be able to click on elements of the dashboard to drill down into each population and identify high risk individuals.

To utilize the Spectrum of Health, organizations will be required to acquire and submit claims data to Telligen to input into the program. Interested organizations will be scheduled for a kick-off meeting with Telligen IT staff to discuss the specifics of claims data submission.

The Spectrum of Health:

  • Is free to all organizations enrolled in Compass
  • Is easy to access through the Compass portal without interaction with your EHR.
  • Comes with both IT support and clinical support to help turn the data into actionable care interventions

Spectrum of Health Flyer (PDF)
Archived Informational Webinar from 11/28/17 (Video)

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