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Iowa Clinic Finds Success Focusing on One Thing at a Time

When the staff at Cornerstone Family Practice saw the success their local hospital was having in their quality department, they knew they wanted to implement something similar in their clinic.  The clinic staff knew that the changing reimbursement model was looming and joining the Compass PTN seemed like a great way to receive resources and learn more about the value-based environment.

When the clinic first filled out the Practice Assessment Tool, their first thought was that they were way behind where they needed to be.  However, as they went over the tool and discussed the questions with their Quality Improvement Advisor, they realized they were already doing much more than they realized.

A specific Aim the clinic focused on was reducing documentation time for providers.  The clinic did a new Electronic Health Record conversion and wanted to make sure they were utilizing the tool effectively and documenting as efficiently as possible to decrease documentation time for providers.  The clinic had clinical informaticists perform remote monitoring on the EHRs and were able to give real time recommendations and create best-practice guides and trainings around their findings.  The clinic received no push back from providers, as they understood it would create less charting time for them. 

The main challenge for the clinic has been learning to focus on one thing at a time.  When they first decided to work on quality improvement, they made a chart of quality indicators that was several pages long.  Their “ah-ha” moment came when they realized they can collect data for everything but they can’t do process improvement on everything.  Once they focused on one thing at a time it was a lot less overwhelming. 

The biggest benefit to the practice has been that now when the staff meets with management and providers, the meetings are focused on quality improvement and not just on what isn’t working in the clinics.  The clinic has also enjoyed the resources and Compass PTN Learning Communities, saying they always come away with many resources and great ideas to implement. 

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