Telligen, IPRO, Alliant Quality and IHC-Compass HQIC Webinar: Exploring Sepsis Strategies - Part 2 | Care Coordination and Preventing Sepsis-Related Readmissions

September 30, 2021 | 1:00PM–2:00PM | Zoom


Join the Telligen, IPRO, Alliant Quality, and IHC-Compass HQICs for the second installment of a dynamic two-part webinar series featuring proactive strategies and tools for preventing all-cause harm related to sepsis and readmissions. Part 2 will focus on using effective care coordination and hand-off strategies to the next level of care provider to prevent sepsis-related readmissions. The presentation will also cover key infection prevention education for sepsis patients and families at discharge.

Learning Objectives

  • Hear about successful strategies for partnering with skilled nursing facilities to prevent sepsis-related hospital readmissions
  • Discuss challenges brought on by COVID-19 that affect care coordination and handoff to the next level of care
  • Learn about project plans for overcoming current barriers to reducing sepsis readmissions


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