Lana Comstock Clinical Improvement Consultant
Standard IHC User
Iowa Healthcare Collaborative
10/22/21 at 10:57 AM

Live Webinar: 2021 Sepsis Guidelines

I am sharing the live webinar information on the 2021 Sepsis Guidelines with you. The webinar is sponsored by American Association of Critical Care Nurses.

Here are the details: Maureen Seckel will review the newest updates to the “International Guidelines for Management of Sepsis and Septic Shock” and help you translate them for your nursing practice.

Objectives Include:
Identify at least four items from the Surviving Sepsis Campaign 2021 Guidelines that relate to nursing care.
List key psychosocial considerations for patients with sepsis and their families.
Determine which changes differ from your current practice and consider how best to approach practice change in your unit.


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