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Iowa Healthcare Map

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Iowa Rural Data Explorer (Link)
RHIhub data visualization with population information on disparity, workforce, demographics and geographic designations.

Iowa Population Demographic Chart Gallery (Link)

Iowa Population Density Map (PDF)

Iowa Department on Aging – Planning and Service Areas (PDF)

Iowa Mental Health and Disability Services Regions (PDF)

Iowa Public Health Regions (PDF)


Designated Rural Health Clinics (RHC)

Iowa Governor's Designation for RHC (PDF)
In addition to the Federal process for RHC certification, Iowa is one of 13 states that utilize a Governor’s shortage designation process.

State Governor's Designated Areas for RHC Certification Map (PDF)


Health Professional Shortage Areas

Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSAs) (link) are designated by the Federal government as having shortages of primary care, dental care or mental health providers (i.e. higher scores indicate greater shortages)


I-Smile Program

Iowa Oral Health Center (link) includes three Dental Home Initiatives.

I-Smile (link) keeps kids healthy.

I-Smile Silver (link) is a pilot project for older Iowans.

I-Smile @ School (link) provides dental services in schools. 

I-Smile Iowa Department of Public Health Logo        I-Smile Silver Iowa Department of Public Health Logo


Iowa's 99 County Public Health Agencies

County public health systems (link) support local capacity to assess, plan, implement local health improvements, and build partnerships to integrate and promote health. Local boards of health are responsible to assure that all communities have public health services and especially to help vulnerable populations access health related services.


RHIhub National Maps of Rural Health Workforce

RHIhub (Link)

Primary Health Care (Image)

Dental Health (Image)

Mental Health (Image)


US Department of Veteran Affairs – Veterans Health Administration

The Veterans Health Administration is America’s largest health care system with 23 veterans integrated services networks (VISN) (link).

Iowa locations (link) for health systems, clinics community service programs and community-based outpatient clinics (CBOC).


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