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Population Management Resources (Link)

Diabetes Resources (Link)

Statewide Strategies Resources (Link)

Social Determinants of Health Resources (Link)

SIM Virtual Education Resources (Link)

NEW: Iowa Healthcare Map and Resources (Link)
The Iowa Healthcare Collaborative interactive map locates specific health care delivery facilities, state programs and local organizations in Iowa. To ensure the locations matched other Iowa online maps, IHC coordinated with state partners. The Resource section includes links to organizations, systems, programs and demographic maps. The site will be updated quarterly.

NEW: Iowa Care Coordination Infographic Resource (PDF)
IHC recently developed infographic resources. Care management, when delivered collaboratively by health partners, will improve outcomes for everyone: patients, providers, payers and communities. Amy’s Story is a storyboard displaying the type care coordination happening in Iowa clinics and communities!  Please distribute the infographic and downloadable letter-size handout (PDF). 

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