About iCompass

Welcome to iCompass, an IHC forum designed to share information throughout the entire industry and bring people together to drive sustainable healthcare transformation!  

Healthcare is rapidly changing and so are we. We recognize that hospitals, clinics, and communities are interlinked, and it is impossible to enact change in one group without affecting others. Yet, it is imperative that individuals within each group stay just as connected.  IHC wanted to embody this principle and improve the user experience on our platforms. iCompass is the new platform that replaces IHC’s HIINovation, TCPI groups, and SIMplify. We have combined our platforms into one easy-to-use location for all users. 

This is the future of healthcare. Welcome to the discussion.

Discover new toolkits, recommendations, and other resources for hospital administrators, quality improvement staff, CNOs, and other hospital staff critical to improving quality, reducing errors, preventing readmissions, and increasing patient safety. 

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Explore essential tools such as staff education, training materials, toolkits, and best practices clinic staff can implement for raising the standard of care and driving value-based care.

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Communities are the bedrock for building a culture of health. Bring bold thinking and innovative solutions to the discussion to help you and others be the best in your work. 

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