Healthcare leaders need best practices and strategies for deploying new solutions to healthcare’s most challenging issues. To create the case for healthcare transformation, leaders need to know what to change, and how to change it.

As a nationally recognized leader in sustainable healthcare transformation, IHC has raised quality, increased accessibility and improved affordability of healthcare while promoting a culture of continuous improvement since 2005. IHC leads expansive state and federal quality improvement programs that produce outcomes surpassing contract expectations and contribute to bold national goals.

IHC, through a team of expert staff and engaged partners, utilizes a multi-faceted approach to drive health outcome improvement. The organization has a long history of providing technical assistance and targeted training opportunities for healthcare organizations, providers, low performing rural hospitals and communities to support the achievement of programmatic as well as organizational quality and value-based care goals. IHC incorporates the use of implementation science, Lean and PDSA cycles in all aspects of innovative quality improvement work to effectively influence sustainable change across healthcare settings. IHC provides ongoing, customized, direct technical assistance and training opportunities applicable to the challenges faced by providers and provider organizations.