The Iowa Healthcare Collaborative (IHC) is a provider-led, patient-focused nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to sustainable healthcare transformation. Created in 2004 through a partnership between the Iowa Hospital Association (IHA) and the Iowa Medical Society (IMS), IHC uses a multi-stakeholder approach to bring together and engage providers, hospitals, payers, businesses, communities and government. These partnerships enable IHC to rapidly deploy best practices, use data to effect change, enable cross-sector collaboration and ultimately raise the quality, safety and value of healthcare in Iowa and across the nation.

IHC's work is anchored in its mission, vision and cornerstones. Simply put, IHC's goal is better care, better outcomes.


To facilitate exceptional healthcare quality, safety and value in Iowa and the nation.


A healthcare culture of continuous improvement in quality, safety and value that provides the most effective and efficient care.


  • Raise the standard of care.
  • Align and equip providers for continuous improvement.
  • Engage the community for sustainable healthcare transformation.
  • Promote responsible reporting of healthcare information.

By encouraging communication, collaboration and transparency, IHC has raised quality, increased accessibility, and improved affordability of healthcare while promoting a culture of continuous improvement. IHC convenes providers, payers, patients, communities and government to build a unified approach to healthcare delivery.