Vendor + Sponsorship 

IHC events convene leaders from across the country who are committed to sustainable healthcare transformation. Healthcare has an impact on everyone, so events draw a wide audience such as physicians, CEOs, CFOs, senior administrators, nurses, quality assurance professionals, trustees/board members, clinic managers, infection control professionals, hospital pharmacy directors, clinical pharmacists, community and business leaders, stakeholders and government. 

IHC focuses on improving the health and well-being of our communities. Corporate sponsorships help it deliver on that promise. Your investment as a corporate sponsor or vendor advances sustainable healthcare transformation. 

Take advantage of any number of unique and high-profile sponsorships that offer you an increased level of exposure at IHC events. Prominent signage thanking sponsors will be displayed at events. Trade shows feature exhibitor breaks where participants can visit exhibits during registration, lunch hour and the morning and afternoon breaks.


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