Applied Research + Analytics

IHC uses data-driven strategies to measure and improve outcomes resulting in better care, better experiences and improved quality of life for millions of people.

In addition to raw improvement measurement data, IHC also provides partners with robust analytics and data translation that hospitals, practices and communities use to drive performance improvement. IHC always aligns the data and analytics with national metrics, continuously eliminating duplicative reporting and minimizing reporting burden, so providers can spend more time with patients and less time on paperwork. IHC’s Research and Analytics Center (RAC) offers data, analytics, and research services for the Health Services division who are IHC’s internal stakeholders as well as all the external stakeholders IHC partners with.

The RAC team consists of data analysts – all trained and experienced with analyzing and managing big data and complex datasets and help desk technicians – trained in helping the users with any portal issues. The RAC uses several tools and technologies with R, SQL, and Tableau to name a few which are all used to manage, analyze, and visualize data to convert raw data into meaningful information.


IHC’s data analysts provide simple dashboard reports to all portal users to give a quick overview of performance along with more advanced data visualizations using dashboards, geo-maps and other custom reports that are available on demand. IHC also performs advanced analytics including descriptive, prescriptive, predictive models, and value-based care analytics.


IHC provides various research services, ranging from identifying trends in healthcare performance and population health, developing evidence-based interventions, designing and executing meaningful measures and evaluations to developing case studies, white papers, conference presentations and manuscripts.


 How IHC Can Help
  • Clinical outcome monitoring and prediction
  • Performance improvement analytics
  • Cost and value analysis
  • Population health analytics
  • Evaluation development and testing
  • Data collection, validation, cleaning, monitoring, mining, visualization and reporting
  • Personalized and enhanced data reports on areas of interest
  • Research studies upon request (e.g., correlation of diabetes and readmissions)
  • Scorecards highlighting the performance of the communities IHC works with and help them focus on area that needs improvement

  • Data reporting support
  • Evidence-based practice support
  • Case studies, white papers and other research support
  • Data, analytics and research education
  • Specialized geo-mapping for outcome measures and social demographics across Iowa
  • Scorecards highlighting the performance of the communities we work with and help them focus on area that need improvement
  • Descriptive analytic reports to tell a story using historic data
  • Help desk support for portals