Quality + Performance Improvement

IHC has a proven track record of delivering exceptional results through its quality and performance improvement services, using data-driven strategies to measure and improve outcomes. As a result, IHC programs and services have achieved significant accomplishments in clinical outcomes – producing better care, better experiences and improved quality of life for millions of people.

Rapid Cycle Improvement

IHC staff bring years of experience leading and assisting clients in identifying and designing custom rapid cycle improvement projects, working with healthcare organizations to systematically drive improvements by identifying, implementing and evaluating actions to improve a process, product or system.

IHC has a dedicated quality improvement team with expertise and experience working specifically with hospitals, providers, clinics and communities to deliver technical assistance and coach teams through each phase of the rapid cycle improvement process.

 How IHC Can Help
  • Target interventions that improve clinical processes and outcomes
  • Strategy development
  • Prioritization of improvement activities
  • Root cause analysis
  • Consultation on improvement initiatives and quality management programs.
  • Elimination of unnecessary variation and waste
  • Facilitation of multidisciplinary improvement teams
  • Implementation support and coaching
  • Measurement and evaluation support
  • Performance improvement opportunities assessment
  • Convene stakeholders to create a charter and AIM statement
  • Engage leadership and securing commitment
  • Train clients on rapid cycle improvement methodologies
  • Assist with executing all phases of the rapid cycle improvement process successfully and create models that can be sustained beyond the project

Leadership Engagement 

Healthcare transformation is only possible with effective leadership. IHC plays a unique role in putting healthcare and community champions in a leadership position to drive clinical improvements and accelerate change at the practice, local and state level. 

Across a multi-state hospital network, IHC provides CEO dashboards to hospital executive leadership. IHC dashboards keep leadership informed of performance improvement and patient safety efforts, equipping leadership with real-time data for improvement.

 How IHC Can Help
  • Provide strategies to improve board and clinician engagement and effective governance
  • Facilitate organizational strategic planning
  • Leadership and professional development initiatives
  • Provide networking, training and leadership development opportunities through special education and outreach programming

Technical Assistance

The healthcare environment is changing, shifting reimbursement to reward low cost, high quality providers. The IHC team provides tailored technical assistance, educational events and evidence-based best practices to help hospitals, clinics, providers and communities transition to value-based care. 

IHC quality improvement and expert faculty integrate quality improvement tools and processes into workflows specifically designed to achieve the desired improved outcome.

 How IHC Can Help
  • Quality and process improvement training
  • Guidance on Quality Payment Program/Merit-Based Incentive Payment System
  • Risk management/Alternative Payment Model (APM) readiness
  • Strategic planning
  • Assist in achieving practice transformation
  • Gap analyses
  • Guidance on person and family engagement